Mindful business innovation

Your Life Story

... is valuable.

"This impacts every area of your life! It can revolutionize whatever business you're in, or thinking about doing."
- Dave, Entrepreneur / Life Coach Student / US

Creating your mindful business

Fund your life. Fuel your vision.

The Problem

You didn't learn how...

Growing up, we're not taught how to find our passion, or to create value from our imagination. Where would you even begin?

And if you've ventured out to create something online...

How do you bring it all together?

Have you ever heard the expression, "Haste makes waste"?

This is when you run off to...

  • Write a book
  • Shoot video
  • Start a blog
  • Promote on Facebook
  • Invest in marketing programs

... All in a tizzy to make money NOW.

This external approach can be exhausting. Haste doesn't bring you closer to clarity on your message, or building a brand that attracts your audience.

Haste doesn't bring you closer to creating a structure that monetizes—so you can fund your life sustainably and expand your mindful vision.

Perhaps it's time to approach things differently?

"You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that invented it."
- Albert Einstein

The Solution

Approach it from the inside out...

Start with the internal part first, so you can bring forth your most inspiring ideas. Then follow a proven process that turns these ideas into valuable content, and content into a structure that monetizes.

Fund your ideas into reality:

  1. Focus on the skills that develop your business confidence and decision-making. These are internal skills that allow you to figure out what to offer, how to offer it, and how much to charge.
  2. Surround yourself with people who can support you in discovering your message, and how to communicate it through a brand and online structure that suits your personality, strengths and goals.
  3. Ask the right questions:
    • What's your message?
    • How do you communicate it effectively?
    • How do you present magnetically (even if you’re an introvert)?
    • How do you attract your ideal audience?
    • How do you create products & offers they buy?
    • How do you structure a marketing plan aligned with your "core values" to financially support your WHOLE life and vision?

We'll share more Powerful Questions.

Inside... You will discover YOUR answers.

Mindful business

Your economic equivalent of Gandhi's...

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Free Class

Fuel your life with a mindful business!

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  • We’ll focus you on the SKILLS that matter.
  • We’ll ask THE powerful questions that lead you to see the WHOLE picture so you can monetize online, authentically.
  • We’ll show you a universally proven process to find your answers… to create, fund, and fuel your action plan
    from the INSIDE out.

We’ll show you how to create a financially sustaining & mindful business, STARTING NOW.

"This is how you make money doing what you love while creating our world with intention."
MIKE KLINGLER & ROBYN LINN, Co-founders/Whole Life EDU
"My daughter is considering college... And I know she'd find her passion and learn how to create a business HERE in this school. It's the only comprehensive program like it!"
Ele, Life Coach / Online Business Student / US

Our Schools

At Whole Life EDU with our sister schools
School of Online Business and Coaching Cognition
we help you put it all together…

Innovating the Connection Economy... our schools get personal.
We personally work with you through your entire business and
skill development process.

Our Schools Student Reviews


We've certified coaches from all over the world — providing them with
the premiere leadership, relationship & business competencies.

These skills give you clarity — essential to effective communication, on-
and off-line presentation, and confidence for decisive action planning.

The support you receive from this highly engaged coach-community
allows you to work out your ideas or intentions into organized plans,
products, content and a marketing structure that works (for you).

Interested in becoming a professional Life or Business Coach?

This school fulfills International Coach Federation (ICF) Approved
coach-specific training hour requirements for 135+ credits to
qualify to apply for an ICF Credential. This is optional.

The Academy's web-based coach platform also allows you to provide
value to our community and promote your services to attract clients,
using our proprietary client-attraction and shopping cart solution.

Mike Klingler

Coaching Cognition

Robyn Linn

Brand Innovation

Joe Warren

Lead Support Team

Mike Fairley, PhD

Curriculum Development

Barbara Silva

Coaching Cognition

Joanne Waldman

PCC/BCC Instructor

Kendall Silva

Head of Curriculum

Jim Parks, PhD

Curriculum Development


This is where you get assistance from our classes & certified coach-
consultants to discover every aspect of your vision and plans.

Once you know your message, offers, audience, brand, and everything
else needed in a structure to mindfully monetize, you build it into
physical reality, right here. With the support of our coach-consultants,
instructors, Robyn Linn, and the experience of Mike Klingler who has
generated over eight figures in revenue with four companies in the last
decade, you have access to all the guidance needed to create a mindful business doing what you love.

We call it your Whole Life Equation™

The School of Online Business’ proprietary Client-Attraction Platform™
also serves as a vessel to give students access to an open audience, and to develop products and services for this audience upon meeting certification standards. It also allows you to build mastermind networks under
our direction, including your own affiliate networks.

Certification Programs at SOOB

The School of Online Business provides certification programs to assist you in gaining the professional credibility and ‘know-how’ to market your products and services with mindful business practices.

Mike Klingler

Designed SOOB
Co-founder Whole Life EDU

Tola Molotkov

Database Architect

Lee Klingler

Research & Development

Robyn Linn

Dean of SOOB
Co-founder Whole Life EDU

Laurie Wheeler

Communications Development

Rimma Tantasheva


Meet our certified coach-consultants & instructors...

Personal Support, Guidance & Accountability

Pooling from a community of certified instructors and coach-consultants, each specializing in a multitude of technologies and disciplines... We provide you with a plethora of resources to personally serve you throughout every step of your business development. We literally guide you — one-on-one — every step of the way.

Marketing Strategy

Paul / US

146 Classroom Hours ICF-ACSTH
125 Certified Professional Hours

"Create effective campaigns that get results."
Find Your Message

Meri / Canada

157 Classroom Hours ICF-ACSTH
180 Certified Professional Hours

"Find and live your passion as you discover your unique purpose and value."

Luke / US

80 Classroom Hours ICF-ACSTH
117 Certified Professional Hours

"Consciously collaborate in love, family and business."
Ultimate Lifestyle

Chloe / UK

80 Classroom Hours ICF-ACSTH
69 certified professional hours

"Design a powerful brand to represent your mission."
Fearless Action

Nell Rose / US

80 Classroom Hours ICF-ACSTH
106 Certified Professional Hours

"Lead yourself to greatness with an ‘inner game’ that reflects your outer goals."
Product Creation

Dirk / Netherlands

80 Classroom Hours ICF-ACSTH
77 certified professional hours

"Increase productivity! Create in flow."
Media Production

Sylvia / US

80 Classroom Hours ICF-ACSTH
36 certified professional hours

"Create the video and media presence worthy of your message and brand."
Content Strategist

Evan / US

80 Classroom Hours ICF-ACSTH
63 certified professional hours

"Your personal brand is built where your story meets the technology."

Our specialized community of leaders guide you to go beyond where you are now in your business and marketing to support you fully, while you learn to put your ‘authenticity’ into a structure that sells so you can
"be your brand."

"This school leads you to know who you are, what business you want to create, and who you're selling to. That's where I struggled before this school, and now I'm coaching people in how to create an income, following their passion, from this very thing!"
Nurul, Entrepreneur / Life Coach Student / Ireland

Mike Klingler

  • Founder, The School of Online Business
  • Co-founder, Academy of Coaching Cognition
  • Co-founder, Whole Life EDU
  • Founded four separate 'mindful' online-driven businesses in last decade with combined revenue of over 15 million
  • Public speaker and author on business, marketing & authentic engagement
  • Has taught over 20,000 students and industry leaders since 2007
  • Audience of over 100,000+ on Facebook — Showing you can create our world with 'mindful' topics that matter (to you)

Robyn Linn

  • Co-founder, Whole Life EDU
  • Dean of The School of Online Business
  • Inspirational speaker and educator to live audiences
  • Created mindful educational programs for accredited colleges & non-profit organizations
  • Certified Yoga Instructor [Sivanada Yoga Vendata Centre]
  • Creator/Host/Producer of Award-Winning TV Production
  • Led marketing campaign to secure multi-million dollar partnership
  • Developed branding campaigns & life planning that increased profits for high-profile CEOs
  • Internationally published writer/editor to top media organizations

Whole Life EDU

We’ll show you how to create a financially sustaining & mindful business, STARTING NOW.

  1. Passion

    We help you find the fire that fuels and sustains you… so you WILL follow through to achieve what you seek to create.

  2. Get Clear

    When you’re clear on your message, you make smarter decisions and can effectively communicate the value of your offers and vision.

  3. Brand

    [creating leverage]

    A mindful brand reflects your message visually so you attract your audience with leverage. It also makes YOU feel really good every time you see it online!



    When you develop core skills for marketing, communication and presentation, you get results.



    When you know what you're supposed to do, you feel A LOT more confident and inspired to do the work! The courses and personalized support you receive here ensure you have the resources to create an action plan ideally (and uniquely) suited for you.


    [Your Mindful Business]

    When you align your core values with your daily work, you are inspired by what you do. When you love what you do, you attract the 'right' people to you, and create our world with intention.

"Before the school, I had a book and was producing my TV show. Since starting The School, I've now learned how to structure my brand online, attracting my audience with dynamic confidence. It's just wonderful!"
Nina, Entrepreneur / Author / TV Personality / US